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BOJ Monetary Policy Stop Run April 27th, 2012

April 27
05:42 2012

We had a few opportunities at the GBP/JPY today. I was a bit unfortunate getting stopped on the long from earlier today but that’s the way it goes on this one. After the BOJ announced further easing there was one last stop run that ended up closing me out. I wish I was there to see it as it offered another great opportunity to go long at this point, but unfortunately as this Bank of Japan economic news does not have a scheduled time I wasn’t sitting by the computer. This was a more aggressive trade for anyone who took the stop run reversal after the news, but I’m glad to see some in the trading forum did well with it!


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  1. Allen Hartzell
    Allen Hartzell May 01, 03:27

    The same trade hit me too me sterling. That massive move down hit my stop loss then shot up. I Thought this was an obvious buy from this point, but then watched as I lost ANOTHER 15 pips as it continued down. Any idea why? I figured the initial move down was a large sell order by the banks, then a sharp move up to grab some people going long. What do you think?

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