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October 15
10:28 2013

I have been having so much success with the End-Of-Day expiry I decided to go over it once again. In the previous article, Taking Advantage of The End of The Day Expiry I made a video, showing how a live binary options trade played out for a profit. Without a doubt an extremely powerful yet accurate trading setup to use! The DTFL Bank Manipulation Strategy has opened a very profitable door for binary traders’. Over the past 2 months I have personally experienced a 80% accuracy using these setups with an EOD expiry. Patience has been just as important as the setups themselves.

A Quick Recap

An End-Of-Day Expiry is based on the New York market close time (4:00pm EST), although the new trading day starts at 5:00pm EST. End-Of-Day is also referred to as EOD in the binary industry.

An EOD trade can be placed during either London or New York as long as the setup is valid and obvious. The more obvious the setup the better. Stick to your levels, candle patterns and formations. I have recently added VSA (volume spread analysis) as extra confluence. This has definitely added value to the overall setup profitability regarding conformation before entry.

A common error most trades make is the time factor, choosing the wrong expiry due to different time zones. Always double check your expiry time before executing your trade! I cannot stress this point enough. Mistakes like these can cause a losing trade. There are some exceptions when we do choose an alternative expiry due to lack of availability of the EOD expiry.

Some Recent Examples

binary options charts

Click on the image to Enlarge

As you can see we had 2 trade setups present itself on the GBPUSD 15 minute chart, indicate by the 2 circles in red. This is 2 setups we teach at DTFL not only for binary options but Forex as well. Its not uncommon to see 2 setups occur on the same day. Both setups are based on Smart Money reversal patterns and are extremely accurate when executed the correct way.

By entering two trades, call and put, you not only limit loss but allow yourself to profit from both setups. The expiry time (end-of-day) is indicated by the vertical red line. Both these trades expired in-the-money.

The Final Word

As I mentioned in a previous article, we trade against time not price. Going with the EOD expiry gives us 2 advantages. (1) It allows some room for price to move before reversing and (2) provides us with the time for the market to complete the move. As binary traders we always want to stack the odds in our favor, making our trade a high probability to expire in-the-money. Although these setups might not present themselves everyday, when they do, it’s well worth the wait!

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