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Euro Surge On Greek Good News April 3, 2015

April 03
01:48 2015

Greeks Will Pay IMF Next Week, Best April Fools Prank Ever?

In a statement made by the Greek government yesterday they have the money to pay the IMF and apparently have enough money to last them until the end of April. However considering they are not getting any cash injections from the Troika, I have to say I find it hard to believe. Having said that the ECB has been increasing the money available to Greek banks substantially more or less funding Greece through the back door while negotiations are on going. So it is entirely possible they will be able to pay this next week but without a deal made with the Troika soon the payments due before the end of the month seem highly unlikely to get paid. Actually the 458 Mil to the IMF next week pales in comparison to the 1.4 Billion due on April 14 not to mention another Billion three days later on the 17th. In short they better have a deal done in the next week or the situation is likely to get really shaky.

Now for the continuation of the Keiser Report from last Thursday. For some reason Max didnt run the continuing interview with Swiss banker and gold expert, Egon von Greyerz of until yesterday. Definitely one you wont want to miss. Especially the part when they discuss the few options the banksters and governments have to let the correction happen and rid the world of the debt overload. Enjoy.

Euro Pumps On Greek Paying Up

The push to the upside yesterday started with a tape bomb from the Greeks on the IMF payment next week. Lets just hope that what they said is true and not just a desperate attempt to buy time.

On a normal trading day I would be bias for the long here but considering almost all markets are closed today except Japan and the US its very likely that it will be slow until the NFP release during the NY session and could have wild swings on low liquidity. I will only be trading the Asian session for this reason and hope to be in a position I can hold into NFP well into profit in case of slippage. Otherwise the safer plan would be to take a decent profit just before the release or remain flat for today since the risk is higher taking entries on this pair during Asia. The levels to watch are the current Asia lows along with yesterdays highs and the breakout level below at 1.0839

EURUSD Pop For Greek Tape Bomb 4-3-2015

GBP/USD Hesitates On Bad Data

They didnt want to show us any conviction on direction after disappointing Construction PMI figures yesterday so the chance that they make any push today is very low as well. Until NFP of course. Levels I would normally be watching are the highs around 1.4869 and lows of 1.4781 while the 1.4846 is also strong with the hourly 200 getting a lot of respect.

GBPUSD Bad Data Holds It Back 4-3-2015

EUR/JPY Runs North With EU

The push blowing out the ADR on the EUR/JPY yesterday to test recent highs does seem abnormal but considering the strength of the Euro on the Greek news it dont surprise me. The early conviction below the lows during NY yesterday does suggest a test lower to close some of the inefficient move yesterday so thats what I will be looking for this morning. A test and set up at the 130.18 level would be best but it may just run off without me now. Otherwise if I cant get an entry this morning I will be enjoying the day with the family.

EURJPY Holds With EU 4-3-2015

Forex News Today

The only significant data today is the US NFP late in the day so movement is more likely to be slow until then and I wont be trading if I cant get an entry this morning. Expected to be low at 245K if it manages to show a decent surprise to the upside the USD will benefit while with the bar set that low a smaller disappointment will likely have a larger effect on USD weakness.

Have a great weekend



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