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October 03
03:11 2012

In this forex training video we have a nice example of a stop run out of the Asian session. So many times people want to complicate what doesn’t need to be complicated. This is almost always true with stop runs. The stop run is in my opinion the single factor that gives true evidence of forex market manipulation, and thus the likely direction of the next move. In this example the stop run was of the overall lows from the previous day. Given that fact that we had such a clear manipulation point, followed by a clear single pin stop run reversal I thought the trade was worth taking.

During the entry of the first EUR/USD long setup I talk about where I expect the market to run to as well as why. The level I expected the Euro to run to was the 1.2960-70 range. I expected this level because this is where the orders (supply) were more than likely located, and therefore more than likely where smart money would run the market to before shifting direction and running the market down. It is important to remember that the overall smart money trend was down in the Euro. Because the smart money trend was down the best direction to trade was short…this was another reason I expected the reversal later in the day.

As you can see from the charts we moved up to 1.2970 for a high. Once you understand how the banks move the forex market you begin to look through their eyes. Does this mean you will be able to pick every market move with 100% accuracy…of course not….in fact not even close! With that being said however it does gives us enough of an edge to trade from. It take patience, discipline, and the right knowledge, but once you understand what they are likely to do you can take advantage of it when a clear setup does arise. I hope you find this training video helpful!


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