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Happy New Year From All of Us at Day Trading Forex Live

December 31
04:21 2013

As we say good-bye to 2013 and usher in 2014 I wanted to put together a commentary that addresses some of what I consider the most important stories of the year that have a good chance of having a higher impact in 2014 and beyond. I have received some emails asking if we or I have any predictions of what we can expect next year and as much as I try to keep from making bold predictions of what is to come there are some things I can just about guarantee will keep on happening next year. First is an article we all should know well on the head of the Euro Group admitting that “when things get bad, you have to lie” The link for all the full article will be listed at the end of this commentary.

Of course we know that politicians are mostly all liars since they campaign on one thing like “change” and then nothing changes along with the fact that the NSA has been spying on everybody and their brother, sister, mom, grandma etc. and lied to congress. Getting away with it mind you.

My thoughts are this will continue and get worse. We will be seeing more skeletons in the closet come out on all fronts and will not stop until the people do something together stopping it by insisting their elected officials get of their butts and do something. Feel free to send a letter to your representative today.

My second prediction is we will not see any sort of economic recovery unless they let the markets correct and flush all be bad debt out of the system, create a system that is real capitalism instead of the perverted one we have where big banks are seen as someone that needs to be bailed out while the man on the street gets left behind. History has shown we cant have a recovery until people have jobs, increase savings and have wage increases so they can spend disposable income. This was proven by one of the most impressive businessmen of the 20th century in Henry Ford. What he did to help sell his cars and become wealthier himself was raise the wages of his workers. Therefore the pool of customers grew and he made a circle that improved the lives of everyone including himself. When this part of economic was lost its been all downhill from there and now we have an economy based on debt that cant go on forever. When it will end is anybody’s guess. The powers that be have too much to lose when it does come down.

Third is we will not see and new banking rules that have any effect for the same reason listed above. Nor do I think we really need any new banking rules. I am pretty sure that I have mentioned this before but its worth saying again. The fix is simple. Write and pass a law that attaches the wealth of the top 20 executives, their immediate family, any trusts owned by them and entire board of directors to any bailout package. For example the first half or more of any bailout will force the people who caused the need for the bailout on to the street losing everything they have before this money ever gets put on the backs of future generations. The key is not to form more government to regulate these greedy fools but make it in their own interest to regulate themselves. Feel free to send that idea to your congressman also 🙂

Fourth prediction is Bitcoin and other krypto currencies will continue to grow despite the denial by the banking system to use them. I have been asked and heard myself that these virtual currencies will replace foreign exchange. I highly doubt this will happen but will be used along side the currencies we trade today. if anything we will be able to trade them also in the same way we trade forex and it will expand our opportunities rather than limit them. Below is a max Keiser video that has an interview with Bill Still that explains a lot and gives a les volatile alternative to Bitcoin that has good potential also. Enjoy.

 Lastly is not so much a prediction but more of a probability in that we wont see the big crash this year or next for that matter. The reason is that the boys at the top, namely Mr. Obummer, wont let the correction happen until he leaves office. Therefore being able to blame the next guy, probably a republican or independent like Jesse Ventura (I will vote for ya buddy) for the crash of the system. The hard truth is that both parties are to blame for the last several decades for what we have coming at us in the future. The two political parties are actually pretty much the same these days in that they are both controlled by corporate elites from abroad spectrum of business. Since Ron Paul wont run again Jesse or Rand has the best chance.

I don’t believe like some that there is an engineered collapse coming but I do feel that corporate greed at any cost has come to the forefront of all big business and they are just that stupid that they think they can get away with it. There ill be plenty of them that lose it all in the coming reset and many of them will be jumping off buildings just like there was in the 1930s. The question is will they be able to put something back together that has real change for the future generations out there. I sure hope they can or those future generations will do it for them self and leave them rotting in prison. Well one can only hope. I do see a bright future ahead some day but when that day comes is anybody’s guess. It don’t look too far off and I can just about bet that it wont be until the next president is elected in the US. If then.

Head Of Eurogroup Admits To Lying About “Secret Greek Meeting” Out Of Fears For
Market Collapse – “When It Becomes Serious, You Have To Lie”

For members who aren’t sure when the live sessions start back up. They will be resuming on January 2nd

Have A Great New Year everybody and I will see you next year.


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