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October 04
03:55 2012

Through the course of this trading day I really did not like the Euro. During the live training room we really didn’t even discuss it much. Things however changed during the end of the typical time I look to place a trade. The EUR/USD began to break a bit more aggressively to the upside, and it was getting closer to an overall major hourly high.

Once the EUR/USD came into this high it then showed a very clear and aggressive stop run of that point. It broke above it by about 8 pips before getting rejected back down, and closing well below that level. Clarity is key is selecting stop run reversal trade setups. Trades where the market sits there and hesitates around a possible manipulation point have a lower chance of success. Why is that?

To answer that question we must think about what is actually happening on a true stop run. During a true stop run a bank or group of banks is moving the market into an area of high liquidity or supply. Before a stop run occurs their position has already been pre-determined and more often than not they have already collected most of the position they desire to enter. The stop run is often the last final tool they use to collect the last remaining orders they desire.

Generally speaking the market more often than not starts trending relatively quickly after a stop run has been executed  Why is that? Emotion drives the forex market and all other markets. In the case of the trade in the video they have very quickly shifted the bias from a potential breakout long to a reversal short. Those traders trapped long now have to exit that position and thus begin to sell which now fuels the banks already collected short position down even faster. I hope this forex training video helps. It is important to think about the principals behind these live trade setups as this is what can help you learn to trade forex successfully. Enjoy!

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