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Money Begets Money – Binary Options Profit Compounding Explained

September 01
23:26 2013

There is an old saying that wealthy people like Donald J. Trump have put into practice since the very start leading up to their success; Money Begets Money. In plain simple English it means that money makes more money. A fairly simple principle to grasp and understand but some might not know how to start this process! Putting yourself in the right state of mind is arguably the hardest part, either leading to success or ultimate failure.

grow your money

“Those who already hold wealth have the means to invest in new sources and structure, thus creating more wealth, or to otherwise leverage the accumulation of wealth, thus are the beneficiaries of the new wealth.”

Most of  you are probably thinking what on earth does Donald J. Trump, Money Makes More Money and Binary Options Trading have in common. Right? – Running a successful business!

The “4 M’s” Implemented Into Your Binary Options Business

Money Makes More Money
Binary Options Trading +
Calculated Risks = Success In The Industry

See It How I See It

This is the formula I follow in my trading career day after day, during the winners and the losers, the emotional ups and downs and most importantly the days I feel like throwing in the towel. I stick to my business plan and that’s what splits the men from the boys in the financial industry… Its not easy; Its not always fun BUT it sure is worth every single tick!

Like I have mentioned before, this is not some get rich quick scheme even though many marketers out there make it out to be. Don’t get fooled or drawn into their hype, their emotional games or fake financial success! Everything worth while takes time…. Don’t ever forget that. The markets are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Is This Worth The Time & Effort – Patience

If I tell you that patience and a $50 trade can make you $5772 – $12648 over a period of time would you be impressed? Hell yea I would be Allen! Thought you’d say that. Over what period of time is most likely your next question. The answer is simple – How ever long it takes for the market to present itself with setups that are worth taking. It might be a 1 week, it might be 8 weeks but who cares? Its well worth it in the end! If you have not yet read the post: Binary Options Success – Discipline & Patience now would be a good time to do so…

10 Trade Compound Statistics

These stats are based on a $500 account balance risking 10% ($50) on your very first trade at a 75% ITM payout.

Option 1: Your first trade is by all means the most important trade out of the 9 to follow. Assuming your first trade expires in-the-money, you subtract the initial $50 from the 1st trade payout ($87,50). This allows your second trade ($37,50) to only be profit based, as this will not effect your initial deposit of $500. Trade #3 throughout #10 consist of compounding your previous trades profits.

Compounding is key

Option 2: This is very similar to the first option except for removing your initial $50 before placing trade #6 ($770,65). This requires trade #1 – 5 to be executed with the utter most discipline even if it takes up 90% of the time placing all 10 trades. I’m sure you get my point. Trade #6 – #10 allows you to trade only using your profits, not placing your initial account balance at risk.

Compound investments

How Does This Give You The Edge…

  1. Allows you to practice patience & discipline – You have all the time in the world to execute these trades. NO RUSH!
  2. Takes the mental aspect of losing your own money off the table after reaching the “red point” – Emotions are kept at bay.
  3. You only have to risk $50 to reach your goal – No need to have a 4 digit account balance.
  4. You can stop at anytime and start from trade #1, banking profits along the way – Customization to fit your style.
  5. A simple rinse and repeat money management strategy – Time is on your side.

success takes timeGetting To The Point

If you remember anything from this whole article it should be this: “If you want to change your life & reach your goals you got to change your physiology and you got to change your focus. Failure is not an option! Most importantly it’s not about how many times you get hit but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Pain & emotion from failure is temporary. It might last a minute, it might last a days or even a year BUT eventually it will subside. If you quit however – IT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!”  You have to believe that you can achieve anything you work for and put your mind to. If that is to become a profitable and successful Binary Options trader you have already took the first step in the right direction!

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