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Stop Run Reversal Setup in Forex

March 18
21:52 2010

This is an example on how to day trade the Stop Run Reversal Setup in the forex market. Have you ever felt like the market knows exactly when you get in, then stops you out only to go in the direction of your original trade. This is a forex training video tutorial on how to profit from what most other forex traders don’t know, its a forex trading strategy I call the “stop run reversal” trading strategy. This  training video will teach you how smart money and large trading institutions take advantage of the retail traders to get better entries for themselves while they accumulate their desired positions. Not only that but it will also explain how to recognize this pattern as its happening and more importantly how to profit from it.

The stop run is a day trading technique that has been around for a decades, however it is a strategy that is often never fully understood by the average retail trader. Manipulation and stop hunting was first widely used back in the early 1900’s when leverage became widely available to the general public. The idea of running the price up to get others to buy only to begin selling into buying pressure was a trading strategy used by the heavy hitters with amazing results. There are numerous examples of individuals creating dynasty wealth through the use of that technique.

Today the principal behind market manipulation and in specific the stop run is the same. It is used to trap traders into the wrong side of the market. This is done to create liquidity which allows banks to enter their desired position more quickly and for a much better price. The use of the stop run is very common on a daily basis, and is a day trading technique I highly recommend. Like nothing else, the stop run reversal is a clear indication of smart money taking a position. With a proper understand of its basic criteria and practice, you can begin to enter once this manipulation is seen and thus trade along side the banks.



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    stersuhr September 17, 00:38

    Thank you very much. If you ever have any questions on this or anything else on the site feel free to shoot us an email at


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  2. Nick
    Nick March 17, 01:57

    I’ve frequently wondered why that happens. Thanks for your simple and clear explanation. Much appreciated.

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