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Swing Trading Market Manipulation – Live Forex Trade EUR/AUD – 4/3/13

April 19
07:39 2013

“Sterling I see the manipulation but I have a day job and I want to know if I can trade market manipulation with a full time job?” Its seems like every week I get a question similar to this. While I cannot speak for everyone, most no matter how busy their schedule can find a way to trade using market manipulation. What makes market manipulation unique is our ability to know the direction we want to trade as well as the exact price points long in advance, often hours in advance. This gives those with full time jobs the ability to glance at the market once per hour and trade from their phone. Knowing the direction you expect the market to move, and more importantly the exact price points you look to trade from hours in advance is key to trading on a tight time schedule. Many of our hard working members prove this can be done successfully.

In this video we have a great example of a 1H stop run that occurred during the NY session. Hours later the price pulled back for the entry. I personally entered this with a market order, however it could have just as easily been entered with a pending order as we know in advance the level we want to enter. Whether you trade market manipulation from the 15M chart exactly as we teach it or you trade from the Daily chart the education is still the same. Everyone has to begin by first understanding how the banks move the market, and once you understand this, trading according to your schedule can then be achieved. Overall this trade netted +87 pips.

April 3rd 2013 – EUR/AUD Short +87 Pips

Here is another live forex trade I was talking about in the live training session this morning. I just closed it out for close to +83 pips and some positive swap as an additional bonus. These two trades require very little trade management and I firmly believe ANYONE can learn to do this. The bottom line is you have to be motivated to learn how to trade forex. We take traders who have failed for years and turn them into profitable traders. Learning to trade forex is not easy but I believe that anyone who will put in the time and effort can succeed with our proven model of success. If your ready to start taking your trading seriously and want the daily support of both Chad and myself along with over 800+ members then check out our Advanced Forex Bank Trading Course.

April 17th 2013 – EUR/AUD Short +83 Pips


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  1. jonjon
    jonjon April 19, 08:11

    another great article. I’ve had a ton of success using the 1H stop run. CANT THANK YOU TWO ENOUGH!


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  2. Ted
    Ted April 19, 08:42

    Nice trades Sterling. I have been visiting this site for two weeks and wondering if I could trade this with my day job. Now I have the answer. Will be joining in the next week or two.



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  3. Ravindu
    Ravindu April 19, 11:18

    Hey great video again, after 2months of following finally I will be joining on Monday.
    Really looking forward .


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