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NY Reversal Continuation Trade – May 22nd 2012

In the Daily Market Review last night I mentioned the 1.5839 level on the GBP/USD and called attention to the clear accumulation that was occurring after the 3rd cycle down. As with

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BOJ Monetary Policy Stop Run April 27th, 2012

We had a few opportunities at the GBP/JPY today. I was a bit unfortunate getting stopped on the long from earlier today but that’s the way it goes on this one. After

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Stop Run Reversal On The USD/CHF 3/29/2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to get this trade posted because I think its a great example of how to use the stop run. If you

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Day Trading Stop Run Reversals in Forex

Have you ever felt like your entering the forex market at exactly the wrong time? You see a great day trade setting up and enter, only to see the price almost instantly reverse, stop you out, and then run in the direction of your original forex trade. If that sounds familiar than you have been the victim of what I call a day trading stop run reversal. Market makers, banks, and institutions do not intentionally move the price in this fashion to hurt retail traders, they do so to profit from them.

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