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January 26
21:55 2013

I received a few emails over the past few weeks in regards to the tax rate that applies to forex profits. After years of failing this was the first year some of our traders had to worry about paying taxes. These quite possibly are the ONLY people in the world happy about paying taxes lol! The bottom line is there is no reason everyone reading this can’t finally break through to finally producing consistent profits.

One of our members has been kind enough to offer his time to talk to those interested in finally making a career out of trading. If you don’t have a clear plan to reach your goal you’ll end up being a statistic like everyone else. What’s unique about Robin is that he was sitting in your same seat no so long ago. He decided to join our community and can speak to the service from a perspective Chad and I simply cannot. If your interested in joining our community and getting serious about making a living from the forex market I would recommend contacting Robin and seeing whether or not our community is for you or not.

Robin’s Contact Info:

Phone: (702)560-8552

Skype: robinhaywood


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