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DTFL’s Recommended Forex Broker | Best True ECN Forex Broker

November 30
23:52 2015

For the first time in 6 years, Day Trading Forex Live has a recommended forex broker. This video will hopefully open your eyes to the world of Introducing Brokers or IB’s as they are often called. When you look at most forex education services, they refer you to the broker that pays the most money. I see big name education services referring to terrible brokers all because they make more money by doing so. This short video will peel back why most forex educators sell their soul for a few bucks and more importantly what the best broker is for those living outside the US.

20% Reduced Commission Through This Link –

To look at their ForexPeaceArmy Reviews click here:

To visit Global Prime’s site before opening an account click here:

If you go to the global prime site and use the “Open Live Account” button instead signing up via the link above, you will NOT get the commission discount. You must use the link above if you want the reduction in commission on your live account. 

Already Have an Account With Global Prime – If you already have an account with Global Prime, you can still ask for DTFL to be your referring agent. This will also get you the 20% reduction in commission.



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  1. Rob
    Rob March 12, 16:54

    Thanks for the article.I was thinking about joining up with dtfl and was looking for a reliable U.S broker that is in the same time zone.If you ever find one please let me know .
    Take care

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