Day Trading Forex Live – Advanced Forex Bank Trading Strategies

IMPORTANT: Follow the steps below to create an account with our recommended broker for US traders.

After creating an account you will be able to open a demo or live account.

Special Offer ~ 25% Sign-Up Bonus

For those who wish to open a live account through our recommended brokerage, you will receive a 25% bonus on your first deposit (up to $5,000). As an example, if you deposit $4,000 you would receive an additional $1,000 trading bonus once the trading volume requirement has been met.

Sign Up Instructions

Step #1 - Create Your Account

Registration Page

Enter your name, email, and preferred password

Step #2 - Telephone Confirmation

Select your country, enter your phone number and click 'Get code'

Recommended Broker - Telephone

Step #3 - Confirmation Code

Enter Confirmation Code

Enter your confirmation code

Step #4 - Registration Complete

Select 'Open Live Account' or 'Open Demo Account'

Registration Complete

Step #5 - Account Type

Choose Your Account Type

Select the account type you prefer

Step #6 - Account Settings

Choose your account settings

Enter Account Details

Step #7 - Login Details & Software Download

Save your login details and download your trading platform