Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies – January 13th 2013

January 18
05:28 2013

Here is the recording of our live training seminar we held on January 13th 2013. This trading seminar was entitled “Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies” and I highly recommend investing the time to watch it all the way through. This seminar breaks down the basics of the bank trading strategy and the foundation behind our belief.

Around the half way point of this video I mention ‘market cycle’ and a separate training video that explains it in detail. Here is the link I was referring to.

This video is the first of a three part series. The first video breaks down the overall smart money cycle and how the market tends to move over the course of 3-4 day cycles. The second video talks about the manipulation often created by the banks to induce retail traders into the wrong side of the market. Finally the third video covers exactly how we take the trades. After watching this training seminar I recommend going through all three videos in the three part series.

IMPORTANT: In a few parts of the seminar you will hear me talk about a member named Robin who has agreed to talk to others traders that our considering joining our community of bank traders. Robin is able to give you a perspective that neither Chad nor I have the ability to do. So if your wondering if the service is for you or not, what is provided in the service, or any other questions feel free to contact him with the information found below.

Skype ID: robinhaywood

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (702) 560-8552

A Note From Robin: Please note, I am currently retired and living in the Philippines, Iloilo, Panay Island; my local time is UTC/GMT: +8 hours, if it’s 9:00 am, New York market time, it’s 10:00 pm my time. When you call, if I can’t answer right away please leave me a message and tell me your location (Country or State in the USA) and the best time to call you, I’m flexible.

Happy Trading,


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Sterling Suhr

Sterling Suhr

Hey everyone, my name is Sterling Suhr. Like Chad I've been around this market for quite some time- nearly 9 years now. You and I more than likely have quite a bit in common when it comes to Forex trading. Like most I started trading Forex and thought it would be rather easy. Everything I read said it would make you profitable so why wouldn't I believe it Forex trading was easy? The unfortunate part is that belief, and the hope that goes along with it pushed me into buying every scam Forex product there was. I've tried every EA, software, strategy, chart pattern, candle pattern, signal service, etc, all with negative results. The bottom line is mainstream Forex trading strategy will continue to fail retail traders. It wasn't until I realized this point did I begin to see success. On a personal note I currently reside in South Western Michigan. I personally love this part of the country and enjoy having a taste of all four seasons. I was recently married in May of 2012 and Chad has given me a stiff warning to not have children:) As a personal hobby I enjoy aviation and really anything to do with the outdoors.

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    • Chad
      Chad February 27, 01:51

      Hi Nenita

      We have quite a bit of free material that we send out when people sign up for the email list. We can not add you our self so if you use the sign up form on the right you will receive an educational series that will get you off to a good start.


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  1. Fred Heintzman
    Fred Heintzman May 29, 04:40

    I would like to thank you for all the info. You explained why I have always been on the wrong side of the trade. I just thought I was so unlucky that the market just always ran away from my positions. Upon doing further research as we are always trying to find the best strategy, I have combined the Bank strategy with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and you are always in a good trade, if you follow the rules. Thanks again and Happy Trading!!!!

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  2. SHP
    SHP June 28, 23:57

    Afters years of trading in the Dark, with lagging indicators and software, blowing many accounts in the process, your video was most Simple, Informative and immensley helpful piece of tutoring, that I have come ever across, that has really managed to light up the Dark with an Aha!

    I have gone through all the videos on your website that offers such wealth of information on Markets Cycles, Manipulation without any waffle!

    I am learning and thanks to you and your selfless efforts to help, I know I can be a successful trader . . . . . and that from someone has been trying to trade successfully for the last 10 years! Obviously I will practice recognising the Cycles and Stop Runs to the Manipulation points and trade entry confirmation many times over before a Live trading plunge.

    Your Daily commentary is extremely useful as a guide on how to look, think and understand the market and read the charts.

    I am on a Demo account with clean charts …… Not a single indicator. Will trade on Demo a/c with what I have learned before any Live trading.

    Thanks you so very much for all your efforts and sharing.

    Kind Regards

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