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Forex Bank Trading Strategy Intro Part 1: Market Trend Analysis

April 05
22:15 2012

Is the “trend your friend”? If you are anything like most, you probably find that you’re often entering trades too late in the move, or jumping in too early at the first sign of reversal. Because of this, the trend ends up being much more of a fair-weather friend that’s usually around when you’re not in a trade.

Why is that?

The key lies with the driving force behind trends in the forex market….the banks. The banks tend to drive the FX market is a series of 3 cycles which often traps retail traders on the wrong side of the market.

If we understand how smart money moves the market over the course of a week, we can then learn to trade with them, rather than against.

Happy Trading,


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  1. heisamit
    heisamit April 05, 23:05

    You guys rock for sure…
    Cheers and thanks for sharing

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  2. Dion Davidson
    Dion Davidson June 05, 20:14

    I just got the chance to see what you guys are seeing its brilliant now if only I can get over my fear of pulling the trigger.

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    • stersuhr
      stersuhr June 06, 03:29

      Confidence to pull the trigger comes with time. Once you see and understand the common “setups” the confidence to pull the trigger will come naturally with time.


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  3. filio
    filio March 13, 11:25

    Excellent stuff. Most enjoyable and educational. Many thanks

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  4. Paul
    Paul March 24, 15:57

    Thanks Sterling. It is staggering that 95% fail at this but, those figures are true to other endeavors due to inexperience, fear and ignorance. I am new at this and will be studying before I begin. Once again, thanks for the training!

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  5. Bhoopalan
    Bhoopalan June 22, 05:38

    Brilliant video. I’ve doing a little good in demo trading by following trend and I just have an instinct where I shud or I shudn’t enter the market. I wasn’t able to explain to others why I feel the market is now good or bad to enter but I feel something when I see the candlestick.

    This video exactly explained why I felt that. I understood something about the cycle but I couldn’t explain. Now I know what’s happening. God helped me locate this tutorial. Thanks a ton. I’m quite eager to read more.

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  6. Bhoopalan
    Bhoopalan June 22, 05:39

    And also, I have some backtesting to do now 😉

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  7. raj kumar
    raj kumar July 06, 17:31

    this make more successful to make more profit
    1. Learning is very good and clear
    2. make a perfect trader learn & earn
    3. Its to good for beginners
    Lot of thanks & Regards,

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  8. Raymond Zwane
    Raymond Zwane July 15, 14:34

    thanks guys this is very useful material.

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  9. 777
    777 October 10, 10:28

    Really , each and every lesson from you is like a milestone for me in the field of forex trading.

    Thanks a lot..

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  10. ted
    ted July 27, 02:16

    I do appreciate and respect a lot a people with so big heart like you.
    Means a lot for all of us.
    Thanks a million.

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  11. marco58
    marco58 January 12, 13:17

    Where I can find information on its strategy in Spanish

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    • Chad Tell
      Chad Tell January 13, 23:48

      Sorry Marco we have not had the site or videos translated into Spanish. The best thing you can do for now is use the google translator for the text.


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  12. Sefater Gbashi
    Sefater Gbashi November 29, 03:15

    I’m very pleased to have found you guys. Thank you so very much for the invaluable information and education you give, and for all the good works

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  13. Tim Titchmarsh
    Tim Titchmarsh September 15, 01:05


    Thanks for taking the time to share some really useful Forex Trading articles.
    Many thanks for them!keep up the good work.

    Tim Titchmarsh

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  14. Trader fx
    Trader fx October 14, 02:42

    Hi, many tnx to sterling for revealing such trading secret to the world many won’t do it. Tnx a lot. Pls advance me, what is reverse testing and how is done?

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  15. Freddy
    Freddy October 14, 23:19

    Ok thank you for responding to my question. I was told that I need to reverse test my strategy, that left me wondering and confused and was not given chance to ask more clearity.

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  16. KEL
    KEL November 07, 01:13

    Hi – Can I ask if the 3 phase strategy is still applicable till this time.

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  17. Jeff
    Jeff November 18, 22:39

    What would you say is the minimum amount to start trading with?

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  18. Obenson
    Obenson December 05, 09:15

    Excellent way of putting facts. Your are the exact Mentor I have been searching on the net for over two years now.See you in the members Room shortly,


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  19. tita
    tita February 27, 06:12

    Maybe I found the best coach…..I’m interested in this strategy…..since am still not profitable in trading for a year…..but I consider this as a learning process…..and will never stop and never give up … find my AHHHA moment and am surely it will come in the right time……and hope this is the right time…..and the right strategy for me…

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