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Adding Indicators To The New MT4 600 + Build

March 10
15:00 2014

I am sure most of you have gotten the alert to update your Meta Trader 4 platform these past few weeks since the release early in February 2014. The new version is slightly different and requires a different method to successfully add indicators, EAs and templates. I have also noticed that some indicators require some small changes for it to work on the new build. This is due to the MQL 4 coding language that is moving closer to that of MQL 5. DTFL traders should not really have any issue with this as we basically use no indicators accept for the few ‘tools’ like the ADR, previous day’s high/low and the custom iSessions. Why do I refer to them as tools if they are actually indicators? Well, this comes down to the fact that we do not rely on them to gives us trading signals or entries, rather they provide us with information and guidelines. Due to high demand from our members and website visitors I decided to make a video showing you exactly how to add the above mentioned to the new MT4 build 600 and above.

How To Add Indicators To The New MT4 600 + Build – Open Data Folder Option

  • File
  • Open Data Folder
  • MQL4 – Templates
  • Indicators
  • Restart MT4

As you can see it requires slightly more effort on your part but is still simple and easy to do once you know how. I hope this video made it clear and simple for those who had issues regarding this topic. If you have any question please feel free to ask by either sending us an email or commenting on this article below.

Happy Trading!

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