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July 11
04:03 2013

This new training video covers some key points in regards to the confirming entry. 

Generally, the confirming entry will set up in 3 different patterns which I illustrate on the whiteboard.

Over the years the confirmation entry has played a key role in producing consistent profits month after month, and I think you will find it useful.

Happy Trading,


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  1. Uttam Salunkhe
    Uttam Salunkhe July 11, 06:39

    Today’s article is highly appreciable,marvelous & extremely informative to fx traders giving super-fine entry technique & identifying the price action @these levels without fooling indicators.
    Sterling & Chad, best hearty wishes to ur efforts.

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  2. Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw July 11, 11:25

    The formation is called a bear pivot and technally the second candle shold close just below the large bull candle on the left.

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    • Chad
      Chad July 11, 12:00

      Hi Gary

      That’s why its not called a bear pivot when your looking at how the banks manipulate traders. We are not looking at the candle patterns which is what the “bear pivot” is. We are looking to see that the banks are manipulating traders at a significant level rather than looking to see a candle pattern that happens anywhere on the chart but thanks for pointing that out 😉


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  3. Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw July 11, 14:24

    Hi Sterling. Did you gey USDCHF today ? It highlighted the entry method.


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    • Chad
      Chad July 11, 14:57

      Are you talking about your “bear pivot” or the confirmation entry? It would help if you add details so we can give an accurate response. From what I see the bear pivot came back for a BE trade and there wasn’t a confirmation entry today.


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  4. Peter
    Peter July 11, 22:54

    I believe I seen entries on NU and AU in late asia, early london last night. Am I correct?

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  5. Peter
    Peter July 11, 22:56

    Great video on entry.


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  6. Anthony
    Anthony August 28, 22:41

    Hi Chad & Sterling,

    Thank you for the informative video. I can understand the importance of the retracement candle or candle number 3, however if this candle does not form do you sit out the trade altogether?

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    • Chad
      Chad August 30, 12:13

      The rule is if you don’t see the confirmation candle and retracement candle within 4 candles of the reversal candle then yes let it go. It most likely wasn’t manipulation at the time. The set up is a 5 candle set up starting with the reversal candle as #1


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  7. Motlatsi
    Motlatsi June 14, 15:02

    Chad, in which time frame do you count those 5 candles? Thanks

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  8. trdninstyle
    trdninstyle July 05, 14:46

    Great video. I trade ES, if price moves 3 pips above a level what would that be considered w/ the ES ?

    3 ticks or 1 point, I don’t imagine 3 points. Thanks

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  9. Charley
    Charley February 24, 02:41


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