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Day Trading Manipulation In Other Markets & Time Frames

August 08
04:47 2014

I personally believe that trading manipulation in the forex market off of 15M charts is the best way to trade manipulation. This video however illustrates how wide spread manipulation is, and how it can be seen in all markets on all time frames. In this video I also break down a trade from today’s NY Session that I was taking during the live training room. Overall the trade is a good example of short term market manipulation. The end result for the trade was only +3 as the market retraced most of the initial move in our direction and then died out for the day. One key trade management rule I use is the session change rule. Essentially if I’m carrying a trade when a major session begins I move the trade to break even or close the trade out. When going into the Asian session I always close the trade out which was the case today as well. I hope this video gives a bit more insight into the versatility of manipulation and tracking smart money.

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