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Forex Bank Trading Strategy Introduction Video

December 31
06:47 2011

Forex Bank Trading Strategy Introduction Video

Everyday Smart Money manipulates the forex market. This intentional manipulation of the market is critical for their success. Without it they cannot enter nor exit their positions. Learning the forex trading strategy of the banks is the key to success in our opinion. This forex training video covers a basic trading strategy we look to identify on a daily basis in the fx market.

Have you ever wondered why you always get stopped out by only a few pips only to see the market then turn and run in your direction. In general retail forex traders are extremely predictable, and thus serve as a valuable tool of the banks. Learning forex strategies used by the banks is an essential tool that will help traders learn when to enter the forex market, where you should place your stop to avoid bank manipulation, as well as keys to avoiding the traps of forex chart patterns. Understand these key points however comes from a basic knowledge of bank trading however.

Unlike retail forex traders, banks struggle to find liquidity to not only enter positions but to exit them as well. Because of this enter a position is not a simple “click of the mouse”, rather it is a long drawn out accumulation process that is often seen in the charts as a range bound choppy market. Have you ever wondered why the largest moves come out of the slowest, most stagnant price action?

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