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How Banks Manipulate Traders Around Economic Data

March 18
03:11 2014

Day trading economic data can be a very appealing time to trade. The truth is, however, that this appealing trading time often ends up costing traders money overall. When I look at the market, I’m looking for one thing, banking activity. What this means is selectivity is required. The bottom line is we will NEVER know everything that is occurring. In fact, we will only have small windows each day where these high probability setups occur. The foundation of Day Trading Forex Live revolves around finding these small windows at what we term as “high probability manipulation points”. Are there other times banking activity can be identified?

The video below walks through how to trade market manipulation around economic data. In general, if we can trade when the market controllers are trading, then we are in a much better position. Simply trading when smart money is trading, is however just a start. The next step is obvious; Identify the likely direction or position they are taking. The most straightforward way to do this is to identify potential manipulation occurring at that time. The training video below walks through the details.

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  1. Goose
    Goose March 18, 22:18

    Great video! Why? Because it explains what is really going on any time the price doesn’t coincide with the data and price isn’t doing what it is supposed to do.

    This explanation certainly sounds better then the hours of sophisticated economic reasonings that the average trader can’t understand that comes out afterwards and tries to explain what just happened.

    To think…….its as easy as supply and demand.

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  2. Marv
    Marv March 20, 22:01

    Thank you, Sterling,

    I appreciate the education!!

    Best regards,

    🙂 Marv

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