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How To Day Trade Forex Using Market Manipulation – August 2015 Trading Results

October 06
05:34 2015

Welcome back for another month of trade results. If your learning how to day trade forex then this video along with past training videos will be a big help. Day trading is an extremely difficult skill to learn. With that being said, one of the reasons it is so difficult is due to the high level of discretion involved in most day trading strategies. This is the key reason why the bank trading strategy is so much easier to learn and implement. 95% of the actual entry is mechanical and thus you know with certainty whether or not the trade is valid based on clear numerical data not guess work.

Its important to remember there is no such thing as the holy grail of forex trading, but there is such a thing as trading a proven system to produce consistent results. Here is a break down of every valid trade trade setup using the bank trading strategy during the month of August. Its important to remember that this video includes trades only on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Using the trading strategy on other pairs would result in far more trade opportunities.

AugustĀ 2015 Trade Analysis

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