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How To Trade Forex – Live Forex Seminar – Forex Trading Training Video

October 08
21:30 2012

This live forex training seminar video starts out by covering exact entry criteria we can look for when placing trades based on banking activity in the forex market. Often “pulling the trigger” and actually placing the trade is the most difficult part for many new forex traders. It is critical that we identify specific criteria or rules that must be met when we put together our trade plan. Examining the market with this set criteria or rules will not eliminate all losing trades, but it will help weed out many.

After the initial questions covering exact entry criteria, we then discuss other questions sent to us by readers including:

  • How often do these trades come together?
  • How do banks use general order flow in the forex market, and how can we benefit from this knowledge?
  • Do we use larger time frames to help determine bias, if yes then how?
  • How can I keep the confidence to stay in my position?
  • Where do you place your stops?
  • Are there any specific markers of banking activity we can track?

After we answer the questions above and more, we then go to the charts to illustrate specific trades we took in our live forex room. It is important to learn forex through basic principals and rules. However, the learning process really comes together once we start going through live day trade examples later in this live forex training video.

The forex seminar wraps up with a final question and the answer section that start at 1:06:00 (One hour and six minutes) into the recording. These training sessions are not a light skimming of the forex strategies we use; rather they are an in-depth breakdown of how we trade market manipulation. I highly recommend spending the time to go over this video in detail. Listen to the video and take notes, as well as write down questions. After completing the video send us your questions here.

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