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Intro to Market Manipulation Part 3: The Confirmation Entry

March 24
17:55 2020

The 'Confirmation Entry'

The Confirmation Entry has been the dominant entry style we’ve used over the last decade. This entry truly has stood the test of time!

The key to anything being able to stand the test of time is simplicity. If something isn’t simple, it isn’t repeatable; if it isn’t repeatable it won’t be profitable.

With that in mind, the Confirmation Entry is comprised of 2 main factors:

The Stop Run:

1.) Break a manipulation point by 3 pips, or more.

The Confirmation Candle:

1.) Close above/below the body of the previous candle. A long setup would be closing ABOVE the body of the previous candle, and a short trade setup would be closing BELOW the body of the previous candle.

2.) Measure the entire spread of the candle and it must close in the upper 1/3rd for a long or the lower 1/3rd for a short.

This will make a lot more sense once you’ve watched the video 🙂


If you have not watched part 1 & 2 I would do that first.

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