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33 Year Old Hong Kong FX Trader – JPMorgan Banker Jumps To His Death

February 19
09:01 2014

The JP Morgan banker suicide repeats itself yet again and has now become an epidemic as a Banker Jumps To His Death at the JPMorgan Charter House, Asia headquarters in central Hong Kong. What drives a trader so far over the edge?

It is fresh into the investigation but early reports state the man was 33 year old, Mr Lee and is believed to be a JP Morgan Forex trader… We should know more as the story unfolds.

According to Zero Hedge:

After the first suicide that took place in JPM’s London headquarters, ending the life of 39 year old Gabriel Magee, a vice president in the investment bank’s technology department, next it was 37 year old Ryan Crane, an executive director in the firm’s program trading division, who died under still unknown circumstances.

3 Deaths with one of them still ‘under unknown circumstances’, does leave us with more questions than answers. Could this all be related or a simple coincidence – who knows! With Billions of Dollars on the line it could be a fishy puzzle to solve.

jpmorgan man on ledge

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  1. rosa64
    rosa64 February 19, 09:13

    No time to mourn as I am busy learning their tricks.

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  2. big g
    big g February 19, 22:13

    no way to go for anyone rip my follow trader

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