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Keep Your Trading Simple – 369% Compounded Gain

September 16
18:18 2017

May 18th, 2018 UPDATE: This is the last month end review in a series of month end reviews that lasted nearly 2 years! During that time we produced a +369% compounded gain on all EUR/USD and GBB/USD pairs during this time. All trades we assumed to be taken at 2% risk per trade. Being that these trades are from pre-selected levels and in combination with a mechanical entry technique, we know for certain whether the trade is valid or not, as well as the result. 

I get asked a lot about whether or not I’m going to continue this series in the future, and the answer is that I’m not sure yet. The goal of the series was to illustrate the profitability of the strategy. Quite frankly, if a 2-year track record isn’t enough to illustrate profitability, then 3 years won’t do it either. Aside from that, I have a lot of other cool projects going on for the member’s area right now, and that will keep me busy into 2019. Enjoy the video.

In this video, I break down all of our trades from February 2017. Any members of DTFL, you are welcome to go through the daily market previews if you would like current month results. For all those on the free side of the site. I should be getting caught up with the month end reviews by the end of the year. I’m in the process of re-designing the course to make it more user-friendly, and that is taking all of my free time.


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