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Learn to Pick Your Entry Points Hours in Advance (to the pip!)

October 15
20:02 2018

One of the most underrated aspects of this strategy is its ability to plan an exact entry point hours in advance. This is extremely useful for most of you reading this as you have limited time to trade each day. For those who are learning to trade forex with a full-time job, not being stuck to the screen all day is a basic requirement. 

As you’ll see in this video, the level from which I was looking to trade was selected literally 4 hours in advance. Once someone understands the rules, and with the use of limit orders (what I recommend anyway!), you can day trade with limited screen time. In fact, I would encourage it!

In my experience, there is ALWAYS an inverse correlation between the number of trades someone takes and the probability of them being successful. Therefore, if I can reduce the amount of time you spend in front of your screen, your trade quantity will likely go down as well. Doing so will improve your chances of success as you will have to plan every trade in advance with a clear stop loss and take profit.

The video wraps up with a quick breakdown of how I will be looking to trade the Sterling/Yen tomorrow. This trade analysis breaks down the exact manipulation points I will be looking to trade from the following day. If you’d like this type of video every day, you can check out our lifetime membership by clicking here.

Part of the Lifetime Membership is the Daily Market Preview video. Each day I break down 2 pairs, the current cycle/directional bias/trend of the pair, as well as the EXACT manipulation points I will be looking to trade from. I’m a firm believer that a course is great, but seeing something done each day is essential for learning to apply the rules of the course to the live market. That is what the Daily Market Preview is designed to do.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to leave me a comment below of the type of content you’d like to see or aspects of your trading you’re struggling with!

Happy Trading,