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September 17
20:31 2012

A few days ago we had a question from a prospective member asking about what the service had to offer them. After I explained a bit about the service, I then included a link to a members review from Tuesday. In my opinion, the reviews are the single most important part of the service, and here’s why…

Learning to trade forex successfully takes time. We believe it takes DAILY reinforcement of the trading strategy to become successful. Many are willing to offer hindsight advice…and this does have its place in the learning process. With that being said would it help you to see EXACTLY what you should look for before it happens? Would it benefit you if you knew not only what direction you should be looking to trade, but the exact price point you should be looking to enter? This is exactly the purpose of the daily market reviews for members. 

Last night was a great example of how the forex bank trading strategy can be used to determine not only direction but also the price points we should be looking to enter. Every day in the member’s video review I cover not only the expected direction of the market but also exact entry points. Following Smart Money gives us an exact plan of action every trading day. Not having an exact plan of action results in inconsistency, and the inability to reproduce successful results month after month. Below is the review for July 24th, 2012. Compare your charts to what we expected in the review….would it benefit you to have this type of review/preview every day?

Our members receive access to our 15+ hour video training course, but that is really just the start. Daily reinforcement through the daily market reviews is essential to not only learning to trade the Smart Money strategy but also in earning while you learn. If you feel like our daily market reviews would benefit you in learning to apply to Smart Money forex trading strategy then check out our lifetime membership below. Chad and I look forward to working with you in the member’s community forum!

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