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Learn To Trade Forex Full Time Using 1 Trading Strategy – February Results

March 31
02:28 2016

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February marks the 10 consecutive profitable month of trading for the DTFL bank trading system. This month we ended up with a +6% profit which brings our total profit over that 10 month period to a compounded gain of +212%. Remember this is JUST ON 2 pairs. For those that trade many other pairs the potential becomes much larger. Like always, I never want to suggest that learning to trade forex is easy, and anyone who says that is being disingenuous at best. Becoming a successful forex trader is NOT easy. There is no such thing as a magic “no work” EA, a strategy so simple “even you’re grama could learn it”, or magic black box system that produces profitable green buy signals and red sell signals. Things like that exist, but they won’t make you profitable. Many of you reading this will still need to waste some money and time figuring that our for yourself. For those who have been there and done that and you’re ready to commit then I would highly recommend simplifying you’re trading. We teach one day trading strategy and one simple trade setup. By focusing on one setup and one setup only you are much more likely to master that trading strategy. 

Remember when Michael Jordan tried to play baseball? While he was probably better than you or I he simply couldn’t compete with those who did that full time. The reason he was arguably the greatest basketball player of all time is because that got 100% of his focus. Imagine if he split his time between that and baseball for his entire career. If he did that you might not even know his name because he wouldn’t have been great at either. Trading is not different. If you do not have a very specific setup that you rely on then you are doing yourself a disfavor and I would highly recommend checking out our Advanced Forex Bank Trading Course to learn more.