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Live Forex Trading Seminar – May 5th 2012: Part 1 & 2

May 21
23:54 2012

Live Seminar Part 1:

Live Seminar Part 2:

The last live forex training seminar really hit the charts in an effort to show the manipulation and how we as retail forex traders can use it to our advantage. Unfortunately the question and answer section was not seen and this is what takes us in many directions which I feel is beneficial for all

In this video we cover a multitude of topics such as:

1.) How can we use moving averages, pivots points, and fibs to track banking activity?

2.) Further discussion of the smart money market cycle.

3.) How I trade the bank trading strategy around the New York session.

This video shows everyone’s questions and we go off on a variety of topics. Both videos come to about an hour and a half worth of live training on some of the most over looked topics that make a successful forex trader.

Happy Trading,


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  1. Riv
    Riv May 27, 17:17

    Congrats on getting married.

    PS Your videos are wonderful. Succinct and to the point.

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    menahem gadka June 14, 12:34

    Congrats on getting married thenks for video sory my english

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