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Max Keiser: BBC Makes A Fruedian Slip Calling It The Year of The Whores

February 05
03:01 2014

In this episode Max makes a great analogy on the Freudian slip by the BBC calling the Chinese New Year the year of the whores rather than the year of the horse. Its quite funny as he elaborates how the people are being pimped out to the bankers but he does talk quite fast so you may need to watch the beginning a couple times to get the full gest of it. The sad partĀ of course is the truth behind the joke, but still entertaining.

More interesting is the second part when he discusses Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos from What was most interesting was this was the only place I have heard that Charlie Shrem, the guy arrested from Silk Road, was not arrested for money laundering like the main stream media would like us to believe but the details of the case show the was the third link in the chain and was actually arrested and subsequently charged for not providing a “suspicious act” report to regulators over the million dollar bitcoin transfer. What is really the sad part of this story other than this guy has been made out to look like some drug trafficker on the main stream media but the fact that these same regulators who have hung Charlie out to dry has let the big banks such as HSBC, Wachovia, Bank of America and several others get away with no prosecution for much more grievous money launderingĀ to Mexican drug cartels, Alqeada, Iran etc. It just amazes me how the government choses to set examples. Enjoy.