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Max Keiser: Wall Street as staged as the WWE

February 08
08:24 2014

You guys are really going to like this Max Keiser episode. He starts of talking about how Wall Street is as rigged as the WWE (professional wrestling) and its true. What struck me is there are people out there that are still stupid enough to bet on pro wrestling. I never knew such sites exist because we all know its rigged by the owners.

I remember as a kid watching pro wrestling every Sunday and it was great. Of course then we thought it was real until a few years later when I was older and you could just tell it was an act. I even remember when Hulk Hogan had his debut. Yes I am pretty much dating myself but those were the good old days of pro wrestling with Jesse The Body Ventura, Andre The Giant, Superfly Snooka, Big John Stud, the list goes on. The reason I lost interest when I was a teenager was because even though I knew it was scripted they actually had the nerve to admit it. If I remember correctly what let the cat out of the bag was when one of the several champions that had his belt was supposed to lose and he didn’t want to do it. After they called off the match, he was fired and the news came out when he talked to the press. I don’t recall who it was. It has been a long time. At that point it wasn’t worth watching anymore.

The whole point of the comparison Max makes is quite entertaining and as we know also true. Enjoy.