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Must Watch Max Kieser

May 16
02:56 2014

Lately I was thinking Max has been running out of good dirt to run on his show but yesterday he surprised me with what I think could be very important in the future depending on just how many more of these sort of things come to light. I have a feeling they have just scratched the surface on the corruption of western elites. We all know how the big bankers have gotten away with more or less robbing the middle class thanks to how the Fed and ECB have ran current policy favoring the rich for the last few decades. Again the question will be just how much are the people willing to take.

In the US they have become just about the laziest nation on the planet as seen by the obesity rate and literally over 40% of the population on some sort of government aid. Why would people rise up for change in the status quo when their livelihood relies on the government for daily survival. The answer is they wont and it sure seems as though the western governments have designed current policy around that. Don’t get me wrong because I know there are a majority of Americans that are fed up with the way things are going but it seems as though they are just not ready to act as of yet. I expect things will need to get much worse before they do. Once we start seeing more corruption news like this come from the US I expect the population will start to get more angry and there would be a good chance for change once they take have the real desire for something new.

I do find it funny how the US portrays the Russians in the Ukraine issue as the bad guys while saying they just want the Ukrainians to be free. All the while the US government has eroded their own populations freedoms for the last two decades at least. Of course the Russians are playing the game as well and they don’t want their population any more free either but at this point either way you look at it its a case of the pot calling the kettle black, really only looking out for each countries elites while the majority of the people suffer. Anyway I could go an and probably write a book on all the issues facing the world today but I will save that for another day and get on to the video.

The good part is the second half where Max talks to a whistle blower in the UK that has rather damming evidence he is about to publish in a book showing how the banks, major accounting firms and David Camerons top financial advisor scammed their way out of losses on one company onty to sell the good assets to a shadow company while taking a government bailout when the first goes bankrupt. Of course you may have to watch it a few times to get all the details but its well worth it. Like I said this is most likely just the beginning and we will be seeing more of this start coming from the US as well. Just how much of these sort of things will the people take? Enjoy.

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