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Nice Member Day Trade Stop Run Short – S&P 500

October 06
19:26 2014

Earlier today a member sent over a screen shot of a nice trade setup he had taken. This is exactly the goal…create traders who are able to develop their own plan and then trade things I may not personally be trading. As you can see in the information he wrote to the side of the chart he had a detailed trade plan before entering the trade. What I also like is the importance he places on R/R trading. If your still chasing the 70-80% win/loss ratio fairy tail then you really need to read the forex traders holy grail. Successful traders focus on the reward to risk of a specific setup? Why? You have much more control over your R/R ratio as compared to your win/loss ratio. Does that mean you just randomly enter the market with a high R/R ratio and hope for the best? Obviously NOT! You need to be taking specific setups that hyper focus on R/R. The bank trading course is designed to teach high R/R setups.

Day Trade Stop Run Short on S&P 500