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One Simple Forex Trade Setup – 178% Compounded Account Growth

February 18
01:20 2016

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As the subject of the post says, over the last 8 months we have a compounded gain of 178% using a strict application of confirmation entry. As most of the DTFL readers know our trades come from pre-selected manipulation points. In these videos I show each of these pre-selected points from our members area. Because the confirmation entry is mechanical, it provides an extremely accurate analysis of our trade results. Its important to note that these results are on just two pairs, the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The confirmation entry forex trading strategy can be applied to any pair which could increase the potential gain. This is also a setup we use to day trade stocks as it can be applied across currency pairs as well as other markets.

December was our lowest profit month over the last 8 months of doing these month end review videos. In total December resulted in a +3.5% growth which brings us to a compounded account growth of 178%. If your interested in learning to trade forex by using the forex bank trading strategy then you can check out our online forex trading course and lifetime membership.