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Podcast Interview With Sterling Suhr

July 03
20:49 2017

UPDATE: Unfortunately, a few weeks after I did this interview Cam changed the format of his service from free interviews (and accepting donations) to paid interviews ($2.97 a piece). If you would like to watch the interview I have included a link below. You can also watch a 15 minute preview of the video for free via the link below.

52 Traders Interview with Sterling Suhr

I was recently asked by the 52 Traders Podcast to come on their show. I have embedded the podcast below and its over an hour of content. In this podcast I share more information about my start in trading, but more importantly I give a ton of actionable tips I wish I would have known when I first started trading. Additionally, I break down the core ideas behind our bank trading strategy, and how you can start putting those tips to use in your own trading today.

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