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‘Private’ Live Forex Room – February 21st 2013

March 01
05:18 2013

Last Thursday, February 21st, 2013 we decided to open up our live forex training room to the public. Every week we hold 4 live training sessions (these are also recorded and saved for members) which are critical to the learning process. The live room is all about taking a theory or idea and learning to apply it to live market. As you well know, there is a huge difference between understanding something and knowing how to apply it properly. The live room, in combination with day after day of support, does a great job of teaching traders to actually apply the strategies they are taught.

I kept last Thursday’s live training session as close to ‘normal’ as possible to give everyone a good idea of the training our live room supplies. As I mentioned in the emails leading up to this open house, some knowledge of our strategy will make the training more effective. If this is your first time to the site, I would recommend viewing this 3 part mini forex course video series first. Once you have a basic understanding of the strategy, this live session will be more useful.

London Session

Hi all, Chad here. I had some troubles getting this video posted but wanted to make sure it was up for all to see how the London session live room works. It ended up being a very educational day for members and non-members alike, and it was great to have so many constructive participants. Thanks, guys, it was well worth opening the room up to the public.

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