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Simple Day Trading System For Forex Traders – September 2015 Trade Results

October 07
07:03 2015

September was by far the toughest month of trading I have had all year. If you have been watching the month end trade recaps since I started doing them in May we have had fairly easy trading months to this point. This month we had a major reduction in the amount of trades we typically see as well as a lower win/loss ratio. Even still the month ended up producing a +6% gain considering all trade for both NY and London. 

There were two trades that I was not going to include in the month end review. One was the EUR/USD short from the 2nd of September. There are two reasons I included the trade when I didn’t think I would as I said in the preview the day after. The first and most important reason is when I had originally talked about this trade the following day, I had measured the size of the level wrong. Looking back at that trade the new level had nearly a 60 pip move down to initially form the level, and had well over the 1.5 hour price separation minimum as per the rules. For those of you who are not members, we use something called “time and price separation” for creating a new level from which we will trade. The criteria has 100% mechanical rules and therefore its not a discretionary decision it is a simple matter of measuring both criteria to determine a valid new level from one that is not. The second reason I included the trade is I also include a losing trade that I took from a level that technically didn’t have the time and price separation criteria. Although it didn’t hit the time and price separation I felt it was fair to include it as I personally took the trade. With that being said if you remove both of those trades the month end results would be reduced by 2%.

If you have not seen the last 5 months worth of trading results using the bank trading strategy then you can view them in the Recent Trades section of the site. Additionally, if you have any questions on any of the trades taken feel free to send us an email and I will happy to provide some feedback.


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