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The Demand For Forex Trading Robots – Really?

February 19
20:11 2014

Have you ever thought why there is such a insane demand and big market out there for Forex Trading Robots? It is all over YouTube, Google and Forex related websites around the internet. So there must be a demand for it right? Hell yea there is! As long as there is hope and hype generated around this, people will buy, try and fail over and over again, hoping that some magic robot will ‘generate consistent long term profits’. And the truth is that these products are sold by the best marketers out there today! The funny thing is the majority of these products are free, provide by your broker or easy to access and download online. Do you know what the scariest part of this all is?


Why would someone sell you something that makes you $$$ on autopilot in the Forex market? Why not keep it to yourself and laugh all the way to the bank? In fact they do laugh all the way to the bank with your money they made off the product you bought!

I am sure each and everyone of you reading this have tried or tested some EA, Robot or so called algorithm that are claimed to be used by the BIG BOYS like institutions. Do they work? I’ll leave you to answer that… Drop us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Happy Trading