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The Only Forex Trading Software I Recommend – Forex Tester

October 21
04:19 2014

First I want to say I apologize for getting this email out with so little advanced warning as it is time sensitive. I emailed our members on Friday but I forgot to send it out to the newsletter as well. If you have been around Day Trading Forex Live you know I don’t recommend products. Its not that I’m against people recommending products, rather its that I don’t believe in 99% of things people try to get me to sell. Over the 5 years we have been running the site I have literally turned away hundreds of products and at least 30+ brokers. Today is the first day in 5 years that I’m actually recommending something other than our bank trading course.

Forex Tester Special Discount Link

I don’t care what type of trader you are, you need to give this a serious look. If you scalp, swing trade, day trade, or even position trade on a daily chart this forex training software will provide a huge benefit to any trader. The key is how closely it replicates real trading. It allows you to replay the chart and actually place trades like you were watching the market live. For all those who have a day job and can’t trade live it gives you the opportunity to sit down when you have time and practice the strategy like you were actually there during market hours. Right now they are running the best sale I have seen them run and it lasts until tomorrow (again I apologize for the late notice). The reason I like Forex Tester above other tester programs is because it is the cheapest of all the stand alone software testing programs. Additionally I prefer to have a separate program to run the testing on rather than running an EA back tester on the chart. This is the one testing program I’ve never had trouble with and ever member that currently always speaks highly of it. Anyway, I made a video below that shows how it works.

The beauty of this trading software is that you have it for life. No matter what strategy your using or end up using this software will help you learn to trade it. Nothing replaces time behind the screen and nothing replicates time behind the screen like forex tester.


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  1. Scout_1986
    Scout_1986 September 01, 07:19

    Thank you Sterling for a wonderful review. I downloaded the software from the site and already tried it this weekend. This software is so useful, especially for me, a novice trader. However, I think it will be as useful for any professional as well. I never found anything that resembled Forex Tester even a bit. Thank you one more time – I believe that your review has changed my life once and for all.

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    • Sterling Suhr
      Sterling Suhr Author December 07, 14:43

      Yes I agree. This software or any other testing software is hugely helpful for people who are learning to trade forex. Being able to test in “real-time” is key to doing it in actual live trading conditions.


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  2. Larry W
    Larry W November 12, 05:05

    What I like the most about ForexTester is that it is independent from the real market. I test my ideas on Saturdays only because this is the only day when I can find few hours for this. Testing on MT4 demo and live accounts is very time consuming and boring, moreover, you can do it on Monday through Friday only when there is no free time at all.

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