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Trading Psychology Tips & Tricks that Actually Work

June 11
11:38 2019

Trading psychology is by far, the most overlooked aspect of profitable trading. 

To say it another way, you can use many strategies to turn a consistent profit, but you cannot trade profitably if you have yet to master the emotional side of trading.

There is no exception to that rule.

You cannot turn a profit while revenge trading. You cannot turn a profit if you’re over-leveraging and doubling down to ‘get back’ at the market. I could go on but I think you get the point 🙂

This 2 part (2 pars because my connection crapped out for a second) video series breaks down the most powerful tips and tricks to rapidly improving your mental trading prowess. 

EVERY profitable trader I know would say that the trading strategy is 20% and trading psychology is 80% of what profitable trading is comprised of.

If the mental side of trading is 80% of profitable trading, shouldn’t you be spending more than 5% of your time thinking about it. 

There is no faster way to improve your trading results than fixing mental errors.  

Part #1

Part #2

Enjoy and Happy Trading!


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