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Stop Run Reversal (Market Manipulation) LIVE Trade on the EUR/USD

May 06
16:24 2019

Using Previous Stop Runs

This video breaks down a EUR/USD short from May 2nd. 

The day prior we had a very aggressive reaction to the false break higher that occurred during FOMC. This type of aggressive reversal and subsequent follow through tends to have follow through the following day.

The following day we had a stop run of the Asian highs during the European session. 

While this would not satisfy the criteria for a stop run reversal, it does give us insight into institutional trading activity, and more importantly it offers a very high reward to risk based entry which is critical to successful trading in my opinion.

Check out the video for a complete breakdown of the live trade setup, as well as exit.


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  1. Fred
    Fred May 08, 07:22


    It would be great for you to do a video on trading psychology. I know you have one in the “add on videos” of the course and you have also written articles about that subject in the past. But it would be great to hear your thoughts about that subject again. Its certainly an issue I’ve had to deal with and is ongoing. Any more information and tips on how to maintain a healthy trading mindset would be most appreciated. Maybe you can offer some different or fresh perspectives. Thanks!

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  2. Qsa
    Qsa May 12, 07:04

    Hi Sterling, the setup you’ve mentioned earlier in this video.. dealing with prior day’s low as the first point of failure that can be used as focal point of retracement,can’t a chart tool simply identify it as the 4th wave of an Elliott wave pattern,thus making it easier to enter a market order?

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