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Forex Trapping Patterns – Entry Techniques

February 16
06:00 2015

In this video, I show what I look for via candle patterns that show me the probability of the banks that control the majority of Forex market volume are about to change direction allowing us to jump on board the move and profit with them. As mentioned in the video we see this happen on a regular basis but the candle patterns themselves are just a portion of what we are looking at as we add up the probabilities of a reversal. If you just look at the charts, you will see these candle formations all over the place.

What the banks are doing is simply stacking orders in their favor, so they know they will profit when they do start to make the push in the opposite direction. Sometimes they run stops while at other times they don’t. You will also see that quite often the setup I see as tradeable also fits entry criteria for the confirmation entry. About 60% of the time they are the same. Having said all that I should also mention that the most crucial point made during the video is the levels that have the higher probability are the best trades due to the fact that the potential for orders available to the banks sitting there for them to grab is much better.

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