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The Complete Confirmation Entry Breakdown

July 24
04:10 2014

One of the most important aspects of trading is when to enter the market. For years I’ve preached the confirmation entry. This entry technique has been central to my trading for years, and it suits those learning to trade forex as well.

One major problem that plagues new traders is the inability to consistently execute a plan. Because there is discretion in the entry technique being used they struggle to implement it consistently. The reason the confirmation entry works so well for those with this problem is that it is mechanical. While I don’t believe you can make every aspect of trading mechanical, I do believe you can make the entry trigger mechanical. This is a massive advantage as it removes as much emotion as possible during the entry phase when it can be the strongest.

This video is just over an hour in length. For all those traders searching for the “learn to trade in an hour” or “become a profitable trader in a day” type trading strategies….market manipulation and Day Trading Forex Live is not it. For those interested in a time-tested strategy that has been used for years to create profitable traders then I know you will find this training video useful.

It is important to note that the confirmation entry must be combined with what we term as high probability manipulation points. In the daily market review for members, I list these points each day. As I looked through the site I wanted to find some concise training on picking manipulation points….when I couldn’t find it, I realized what next week’s training would be.

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