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Forex Trend Trading Setups – Part 3: Timing Your Entries

April 14
22:59 2012

As a day trader, entry timing is a definite key to being successful. If you haven’t watched the first 2 training videos in this series, I recommend viewing Forex Trend Trading – Is the Trend Your Friend first. 

Once we understand how smart money tends to drive the forex market, we can then begin to narrow our focus to exactly WHEN they will drive the price. This video covers exact entry timing in further detail. We hope this training series has been useful in your own trading!

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  1. Timmy
    Timmy January 22, 13:50

    Thank You very much for these informative videos. I have been battling with candles,strategies and indicators for years. Everything you teach puts forex trading into a clear, realistic perspective.

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  2. hing
    hing September 10, 16:59

    do you use stop loss ? if yes, what is your guideline ?

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    • Sterling Suhr
      Sterling Suhr Author December 07, 14:36

      Yes I always use a stop loss. How we set a stop loss is part of our online day trading course that teaches the bank trading strategy. We use either a 20 or 25 pip stop loss depending on how far away the confirmation candle is when it closes. The video on the confirmation entry is over an hour in length so trying to explain each aspect in a few sentence would be not possible.


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  3. MandaBear1310
    MandaBear1310 November 06, 13:18

    I don’t have any questions at the moment but I can’t believe that these videos were free!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this valuable information with us! May god continue to bless you!

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  4. mahmet
    mahmet January 15, 01:09

    may i know what is your setting time for Asian Market dan New York Market

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  5. Albie
    Albie May 24, 06:59

    Great information. What time frames do you trade off? My guess would be the hour and 15min. Is that a 50 SMA or 200. Thanks again Albie

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  6. magoo
    magoo December 08, 07:22

    Hi,I’m thinking about signing up – is the course more in depth than these videos? i.e is have we seen the course in these free videos or is there more to it?

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    • Sterling Suhr
      Sterling Suhr Author April 15, 19:05

      Yes, the course is much more in-depth. Additionally, trying to learn forex with just a course doesn’t work in my opinion. This is why regardless of the forex training you decide to go with you need to make sure they have continuing education as part of the package.

      This is where the educator should show you how to take the rules from the course and apply them to live market. We do this through the daily market preview video where I break down the directional bias for the following day as well as the exact levels I will be looking to trade from. Seeing the rules in the course applied to the market each day is key to learning to do it on your own, and that goes for learning any trading strategy.

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  7. blog
    blog July 17, 11:55

    Great post. I’m dealing with a few of these issues as well..

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