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Is The Forex Market Manipulated?

April 27
01:07 2012

We received an email this week from a new member who asked some basic questions in regards to market manipulation. Essentially he wanted to know if this was a forex trading strategy that would “quit working” or will it stand the test of time. While one can never predict the future, we can gain a lot of insight from looking in the past. This forex training video shows some keys to day trading market manipulation.

The reason I personally have full faith it will never change is due to basic market function. Essentially, smart money needs buyers when they want to sell and sellers when they want to buy. Without the other side of the market, they cannot place a trade.

Think about what that means. They sell into rising markets (selling into buying pressure), and they buy into falling markets (buying into selling pressure). Now consider every forex system you have ever bought. Does the price not have to begin to work up before triggering a long? Does the price not have to begin to fall before triggering a sell?

Wait a second!! Smart money does the exact opposite?? 

Is it really any wonder retail traders end up with the results they do. Manipulation is the key….and understanding how they manipulate the market provides the direction we should trade. I hope this training video was useful. To our success!

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