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Learn To Trade Forex With Smart Money | Bank Trading Strategies – Part 1

November 24
05:55 2011

You probably started in the forex market the same way I did, with the same dream of day trading forex for a living and financial freedom. Heck, you and I probably bought some of the same trading products. Do you remember the feeling you had when you bought those first few products? I sure do! If I had to sum it up in one word for me, it would have been hoping! The hope of never having to work again, the hope of being financially free, the hope of money never being a worry! Unfortunately for me, and probably for most reading this, things didn’t quite pan out that way. Now I’m not going to sit here and harp on how bad the products in the forex market are, rather I’m simply going to get right into the problem and how to go about fixing it!

I’d like to ask you right here and now to “suspend your disbelief.” What I mean by that, is to shut off the little part of your brain that always wants to raise doubt. If you can suspend your disbelief long enough to get through this series of articles I believe I can help you. Alright, let’s get right into the core of the issue.

Suspend Your Disbelief

Every day there is more crap thrown in everyone’s face. “Educators” wants to tell you trading forex is so easy. That’s BS….its not! If learn to trade forex was easy, everyone would do it! If there was a magic indicator, EA, or piece of forex trading software do you think they would sell it to you for $99? Ask yourself this one question, give it some SERIOUS thought and be completely honest with yourself….do you know ANYONE who can PROVE to you they are profitable through the use or forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software? And not just for one or two months but for 6 months or longer? I’m literally pleading with everyone reading this to meditate on the preceding question.

Unfortunately, most, including myself at one point believed that the short-term pain of effort was worse than the long-term pain of failure. I can assure you it’s not! YOU as a forex trader have to stop following the masses. It is an undeniable fact that retail forex traders as a whole lose money over the long haul 95% of the time! Again, if you want to ever realize your dreams in the forex market and make them a reality, you MUST stop follow the masses today! To identify how to stop following them, we must first identify what in fact the masses do. Only then can we properly learn how to trade forex profitably.

Forex Brokers Point Of View…

Now I could just answer this question in the same boring manner, but I want to present this to you in a way you’ve more than likely never considered before. Let’s look at the forex market from the forex broker’s point of view. Now, most know how the average “bucket shop” forex broker works but in case you’re unfamiliar we will quickly discuss the subject. Suppose you’re wanted to buy the GBP/USD….you press buy on your broker platform, and your order goes to “Mister Broker.” Instead of taking your buy order to the marketplace and matching your buy order with someone wanting to sell your broker does something quite different…THEY sell you the amount of GBP/USD you want to buy, and if you were selling the GBP/USD or any other pair, they would buy it from you. Now at first, this might not sound all that bad, I mean at least with this model you’ll always be able to get in and out of a trade right? Yes, but at what price is the question?

Think about the conflict of interest this presents. If you bought, then this means your broker sold it to you. Therefore if the market goes up, you make money….but at the same time, you have to remember the broker sold it to you and therefore they are losing money as the market goes up. On the other hand, if the market were to go down after you bought you would be losing money, but your broker would be making money. By taking the opposite side of every forex trade, you take the broker has a conflict of interest 100% of the time. Your broker profits what you lose, and loses when you profit. This is where it gets interesting! We now know their business model, and now we can start asking logical questions to draw a logical conclusion.

If I were to ask you what the number one platform used in the forex market was, I’m sure most would reply “MT4” or MetaTrader 4. This is a beautiful charting package that almost every forex broker uses. What do you think it cost to have that trading platform designed and refined over the years? How much do you think it costs to license that software if you’re a broker? What is the cost of research and development on improvements? With all these costs who is ultimately footing the bill? If you think for one second it’s the forex broker your crazy! I think you know the answer…..losing retail forex traders pay the price! As we already discussed above when a trader loses that money goes to the broker. Therefore trader loses are broker profits! Now, this is common knowledge to most but let take it one step further and bring the point home.

When you think about the MT4 platform what is the focus? Without a doubt its the huge array of forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software that can be attached to it with ease! That is the main draw to MT4 and the reason for its existence in part. Now indicators have been used for years. In fact since the dawn of the markets people have been trying to quantify market swings with mathematical equations. Today people continue to believe it can be done. If then brokers make money when you lose, why would they supply you with not only the best charting software in the world for free but also every indicator your heart could ever desire? Its an obvious logical deduction but most every forex trader fails to see it or simply choose not to for fear of the answer. Again the short-term pain of effort is often perceived to be worse than the long-term pain of failure. Forex traders refuse to accept the logical conclusion that forex brokers supply you with these “tools” so that THEY can make money, not you! Forex traders refuse to accept it because they want to believe that there is some magical combination of forex indicators that will eventually produce a profit. If you take away nothing else remember this…..Why would a forex broker pay tens of thousands to license MT4 and then give it to you? It’s because they know that by getting you to use the indicators, software, and EA’s made for MT4 you will eventually empty your trading account. They’re essentially giving you a slot machine. It will pay out sometimes, but in the end, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!

The Choice Is Yours

Now you only have two choices from this point forward. You can continue to allow the forex brokers to rape and pillage your trading account by the use of forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software that they are oh so happy to see you use….or… can learn how to trade forex by trading with Smart Money! It really is quite that simple. Smart Money (banks, hedge funds, etc.) are the ones who move this market, and it is how they trade that we must learn. Remember the house always wins…..that is unless you learn to essentially count the cards. This is something I’ve never completely taught before, and its something that I can almost guarantee you have never learned. Let get one thing straight right now. Yes I run a paid trading room, and yes I charge a ridiculously small yearly fee….that being said this forex bank trading strategy is going to be free to you. This will if you allow it, forever change the way you view the forex market and hopefully allow you to once and for all consistently be a profitable forex trader.

In the coming days, we will get into the meat of this forex trading strategy. Once we finish breaking it down completely, I’m then going to run a live forex training seminar to go over live charts, past trades, and answer any questions you all may have. Yes, this will be free as well. You’re always welcome just to give me money, but I’m not asking for it 🙂 In all seriousness, this day trading strategy will describe how Smart Money moves the market, how you can identify when they’re entering the market, and most importantly how to profit from it. I truly believe this will benefit all who learn it. I will, however, ask you for one small favor in return. Share this article! Everyone knows another forex trader struggling to make it in this market. I’m doing a good deed for all, and I expect everyone to do the same and pass it on. I will see you all with the next article in the series shortly. Until then happy trading!

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