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Reactive Vs. Predictive Forex Trading – How Banks Manipulate Markets

April 28
04:52 2014

The very foundation of our bank trading strategy is found in this training video. Anyone who has been through our site knows we have a core belief that can be found throughout.

That simple belief or core idea is that banks have no choice but to manipulate the market. This manipulation is different than what most might think. When most hear market manipulation, they often view it with a negative connotation. This training video should give you a new perspective on why market manipulation occurs.

Simply put, banks must “manipulate” the market in order to both enter and exit positions. Because 5 banks control over 57% of the daily forex market volume, they will always struggle to find liquidity. This “struggle” for liquidity is what allows us to track the banks. While we will never know what they are going to do before every move when they do show their figurative hand we have some of the most powerful information any forex trader can have. After all, these banks do control the majority of the daily volume, and thus by default, they do control short-term market moves.

If this is your first time visiting DTFL I would highly recommend watching the three-part video series starting with Forex Bank Trading Strategy Part 1: Market Trend Analysis After understanding the principles taught in this video, you will have the basic ideology. From that point forward the key is learning the practical knowledge which will allow us to trade the manipulation. The three-part training series is designed to start teaching the basics of those mechanics.

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