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May 25
19:37 2016

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This is the 12th consecutive month end review video which brings us to a complete year of trading. When I started these videos at the request of a member in May of 2015 I didn’t really think I would turn it into a monthly series. With that being said the last 12 months have yielded a +271% compounded gain off of just 2% risk per trade. So many times you will see spectacular results but then you see they had a -30%, -40%, or larger draw down to get those results. The most impressive part about our +271% compounded gain is that at no point did we ever have more than a -8% draw down even if you started at the worst possible time. Its one thing to produce a large profit, but to do so safely is just as important as the actual profit being made. 

Over the last 5 months (all of 2016) we have seen the forex market start to compress in range, and this is especially true with the EUR/USD. This reduction in range has also brought with it a reduction in the quantity of trades. So many times a day trading strategy will be extremely profitable in one type of market but then hand back all its gains when the market begins to shift. While all trading systems will have markets that they preform best in, to become a profitable forex trader you have to be able to trade all market conditions. This is the true strong suit of the DTFL bank trading strategy, as it preforms well regardless of what the market is doing. 

On to a different topic. In this video I also addressed some of the fraud and forex market scams I have been seeing lately. This latest fraud is one of the best I have seen as it causes people to trust the results they are given. The first 10 minutes of today’s video addresses that topic and I hope it saves you from being someones victim.