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Trading Sideways Price Action with Market Manipulation – USD/CAD Live Trade

September 30
20:07 2019

Last Thursday, we had a nice long setup on the USD/CAD, early in the NY trading session.

The manipulation point being used was 1.3235, which was the range lows for nearly 2 weeks of sideways price action. This gives a solid level from which to look for the stop run reversal to occur. Why?

As I explain in detail in the video, range-bound price action condenses liquidity as a breach of either side results in all those who were long/short going red.

If you’ve never observed yourself when a position goes from green to red, be sure to pay attention the next time it happens. More often than not, the response is so strong emotionally, that it can be perceived with an increase in heart rate, red face, or sweaty palms.

The point is, no one likes when a position goes from green to red. Therefore, the breach of a range represents a prime location as it puts 1 side of the market underwater, thus increasing the likelihood of volume around these points.

Again, the process of trading range-bound price action with short-term market manipulation is broken down in much more detail in the video. Enjoy!