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Forex Trend Trading Strategy – Part 2: Retail Trader Manipulation

April 12
00:48 2012

In the first forex training video entitled Forex Trend Trading Strategy – Part 1: Is The Trend Your Friend, we talked about how smart money tends to trend the price over the course of days. Understanding this is a huge help when it comes to predicting the next direction of the market. With the being said direction is only one piece of the puzzle. Not only must we understand the next likely direction in the market, but we also need to time our entry with precision. Without timing, direction becomes useless…especially when day trading forex.

Here is the third and final video in this 3 part series: Forex Trend Trading Setups – Part 3: Timing Your Entries

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  1. Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson April 15, 02:43

    Looking forward to the next video. I am going to join you soon, just saving my money to do so. Thanks, Kevin

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  2. Karim
    Karim May 01, 00:28


    Super site!
    Just a question the stop run could be associated to Bullish/bearish flash in a trend!?
    When you draw it it is part of the structure indeed flags or pennant integrates already this manipulation because this is history (trading history). Except sure stop runs happening for major highs and lows.

    Why are you mentioning ‘Asia’. I don’t understand why it is so important. Because Banks are trading Asia currency at night session which influence european market?


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  3. randy
    randy June 09, 05:54

    Awsome insight into banks stealing our money, or rather us stealy their broker buddies money… so when is this next video comming out… can’t wait… thanks

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  4. Benon
    Benon March 18, 11:47

    I am grad to be part of you guys. In fact I am shocked the conspiracy behind this industry. I always wondered how the international bankers played the game.

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  5. Greg
    Greg September 08, 13:08

    Great video’s…Ive been trading for some years with limited success an tried just about everything losing a ton of money in the process, But always suspecting big money was moving the markets much as they did in the commodities markets (Yeah I was one of the fools who ordered the ___ ______ course with paper charts)..
    I totally get this an looked back on several markets to see the 3 cycles all over the place..It makes all the sense in the world an my hats off to you younger guys for sharing it. I really appreciate that. Maybe one day I can join you an get some more in depth training but for now Im just a small account working my way there.
    Thanks again
    Just an old trucker trying to retire

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